Transportation Perks Living at Seaside Residences

The Seaside Residences designed and developed by Fraser Centrepoint Homes is an incredible open door for any Singaporean home buyer. It is not only a property that guarantees a delightful seaview and awesome esteem in the long haul. Remaining at the Seaside Residences guarantees to spare you valuable time. In addition, what is life on the off chance that you invest a huge piece of energy in the street?

Seaside Residences

Roads near seaside residences

The transportation alternatives around the Seaside Residences will allure you in case you’re hoping to spare transport time. Despite whether you drive an auto or take open transport, living arrangements will profit most likely.


Siglap MRT (Part of Thomson-East Coast MRT Line)


Presenting one of Singapore’s numerous future MRT lines: the Thomson-East Coast MRT line. It guarantees to interface workers from the most distant corners of Sungei Bedok the distance to Woodlands North. This implies heading out to Malaysia and Changi Airport just got more advantageous for all living along it. All this will be available to residents from 2023 onwards.


The uplifting news is that Seaside Residences is arranged appropriate alongside the Siglap MRT, which is wanted to be under 5 minutes from the apartment suite. This gives suburbanites a ton additionally feasting, shopping, and working alternatives when considering voyaging time. For your youngsters and elderly living with you, they can stress less over crushing into erratic, swarmed transports.

Drivers and Roads around Seaside Residences

siglap road near seaside residences convenience

In the event that the auto is your transportation of decision, you will probably concur that driving along the East Coast Expressway is the most pleasant contrasted with the rest. It is not only a smooth extend of street for your driving delight, the perspectives it guarantees are additionally none like whatever other in Singapore.


Those originating from the city will appreciate all encompassing perspectives of the Marina Bay and the brilliantly lit horizon of the Central Business District. That would be a delight for anybody returning from a taxing day of work.


Moreover, Marine Parade Road guarantees many eating alternatives like Parkway Parade and Katong 112. These colossal shopping centers are associated quite recently inside 5-10 minutes of driving.


With transportation being so helpful around the Seaside Residences, you will spare a gigantic measure of time for the better things in life.